Mr. Haunt reviews the Hotel of Horror 2016

Thanks to Mr Haunt from the Haunt Hunters for the positive review below.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hotel of Horror 2016 Review
Mr Haunt: “You smell that?”
Chuck Mound: “What is it?”
Mr Haunt: “Authenticity!”

…so went my favorite conversation of the night.  Very few Haunts can boast co-locating with actual disembodied souls in a 200-year-old hotel.  It feels like you are stepping back in time, even out of time, into the most authentically ethereal Haunt this reviewer has ever experienced.  With two distinct Walkthroughs, a Museum, and several other interactive experiences, HoH provides for a full night of twisted entertainment.  Nestled deep in the Pocono Mountains, even the location itself adds to the mystique of the Haunt.

We were warned at the very start that we would have a hard time picking a favorite Actor, and boy were they right!  You’ll find no teenage volunteers here… only talented, committed Actors, many of whom have been here for years and truly consider each other “family.”  We’re talking everything from clowns to contortionists.  With scripts ranging from evil, guttural vocalizations to a full-blown, interactive Voodoo Priestess vignette.  And, big-ups to Toukatsu for his highly impressive implementation of the Suzuki Acting Method!

Haunt Owners Dan and Marlo Ambrosio cultivate an amazing show, using the hotel itself to its fullest, most detailed potential and encouraging the ensemble of artists and actors to immerse themselves in their roles, allowing their individual creativity to shine through.  Marlo is a talented make-up artist in her own right, due in large part to early inspiration from the legendary Frazetta family, who also reside in the Poconos.

Another impressive facet of HoH is its soundtrack.  Many Haunts don’t even have a soundtrack and, if they do, it’s blasted loudly over the entire Haunt, and it’s not always the most appropriate song choice. HoH’s soundtrack is spot on.  It features creepy music on the exterior, as well as different compositions in different interior rooms.  Always at the perfect volume, it’s sometimes coupled with custom sound effects to perfectly eerie effect.

Also unique to HoH is their solution to the all-too-common problem of scares getting ruined by your proximity to the group in front of you.  They actually have a three-minute-timer that they set between each group to ensure that you get your money’s worth and experience their artistic masterpiece the way it was intended.  HoH takes very good care of its customers, with fun things to do and amenities like free parking and a covered wait line.  They also have a variety of fun HoH merchandise for sale.  Be sure to grab a bite at NiBor’s Coffee while you’re there!

A huge shout-out to Master Accumulator “Dead” Dan Ritter and his wife Samara.  Dan has been collecting funerary artifacts since he was 12 years old and now his collection has grown to include an astounding array of antique medical instruments, asylum finds, and myriad other oddities.  A sampling of his collection is on view in The Exhibition Macabre, located inside the hotel.

With all of the amazing artistry and kindred spirits here, I definitely didn’t want to leave!  My big Insider Tip here is to be sure to check out iPas after you ride the Coffin Coach. iPas offers a seriously next-level look into the future of the Haunt Industry.  This is a legitimate game-changer!!  Hotel of Horror is the first Gold Standard Haunt of the 2016 Season and we look forward to visiting again in the future!  Be sure to tell Snort I said “Hi!”

–          Mr Haunt